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Making Commissioning clear
moreWe are focused on providing clear and proffessional services. moreWe work with Owners and Managers effectively toward the successfull completion of projects. moreWe work with Contractors effectively toward the successfull completion of projects. moreContact Focus Commissioning Services to restore your building to optimal performance. moreContact Focus Commissioning Services to see if you are elegible for financial support programs. moreContact Focus Commissioning Services to recommissioning your building for LEED requirements. moreContact Focus Commissioning to maintain your systems at its' optimal performance. moreContact Focus Commissioning for Mechanical Electrical Coordination Services. moreContact Focus Commissioning for building automation consulating services.

New BuildingCommissioning (Cx)

Focus Commissioning Services provides clear and efficient commissioning services and documented confirmation that new building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy any and all requirements, such as LEEDS, and owner operational needs.



Sample Project

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

Focus Commissioning Services provides a systematic process for investigating, analyzing, and optimizing the performance of existing building systems by improving operation and maintenance to ensure continued performance and energy consumption cost savings over time.


M&E CoordinationServices

Focus Commissioning Services provides mechanical electrical coordination services for
Owners or Contractors who require expert services associated with coordinating on-site trades. Plan, direct and coordinate all to comply with specifications, requirements and codes.


Building AutomationConsulting Services

Focus Commissioning Services provides building automation consulting services to building owners, engineers and contractors. These services include automation upgrades, automation point requirements, writing of control sequences, integration and optimization startegies, and more.


Environmental Monitoring Services (EMS)

Environmental Monitoring Probes (EMPs) store EMS live Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint and CO2 (IAQ) data to the internet and generates charts for analytical purposes.