Making Commissioning clear

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Commissioning Agent Services for New Building Contractors

What is it?


Building commissioning is a method of risk reduction for new construction and major renovation projects to ensure that building systems meet their design intent, operate and interact optimally and provide the owner what he or she expects. This systematic process typically includes building HVAC, controls, lighting, hot water, security, fire, life and safety systems.

Total building commissioning often includes additional essential buildings systems such as the building's exterior wall, plumbing, acoustical and roofing systems. Commissioning these additional systems can reduce moisture penetration, infiltration and noise problems, and contribute to the building's energy and resource efficiency and occupant productivity.

Successful Cx results in optimal energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, reduced change orders during construction, extended systems life and reduced operation and maintenance costs, often paying for itself before construction is completed. To be most effective, building commissioning begins in the planning phase and continues through design, construction, startup, acceptance, training and the warranty period, and continues throughout a building's life cycle.


Focus Commissioning Services provides the following commissioning services and documents confirming that new building systems function according to criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy any and all requirements, such as LEEDS, and owner operational needs.


Construction Phase


The construction phase commissioning. as led by Focus Commissioning Services, is a well coordinated quality assurance process that encompasses installation, start-up, functional testing and training. During the construction phase the commissioning team works to ensure that equipment, systems and assemblies are properly installed, integrated, and operating in a manner that meets the Owner's Project Requirements (OPR). Functional testing and documentation provide valuable performance benchmarks, acceptance criteria and a baseline for the future operation and ongoing commissioning of the facility.

• Construction Phase kick-off meeting
• Review submittals, monitor development of Shop and Coordination Drawings
• Review O&M Manuals
• Perform ongoing construction observation
• Perform verification checks
• Perform diagnostic monitoring
• Perform functional testing
• Develop Commissioning Report and Systems Manual
• Develop Recommissioning Plan
• Verify and review training of owner's staff


Occupancy and Operations Phase


The Occupancy and Operation Phase, as led by Focus Commissioning Services, begins at Substantial Completion. This last phase of the New Construction Commissioning focuses on finalizing all uncompleted functional testing, training and project documentation while fine tuning building performance prior to project completion.

• Resolve outstanding commissioning issues
• Perform seasonal /deferred testing
• Perform near warranty-end review


Getting Started


• Contact Focus Commissioning Services Ltd. to discuss your project needs relating to Commissioning Agent Services for New Building Contractors.