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Mechanical Electrical Coordination Services

What is it?


Plan, direct and coordinate all on-site mechanical & electrical activities to comply with specifications, requirements and codes.



The growing complexity of Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services in commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructural projects have made the role of an M&E coordinator increasingly important. Proper planning and coordination of M&E services are central to the success of building projects, playing key roles in building aesthetics, operational efficiency and optimal building maintenance.



- Verify coordination between the engineering and work plans
- Coordinate the work of the subcontractors and various M&E disciplines
- Solve technical problems on site
- Ensure that the work conforms to the plans and specifications and the quality plan
- Prepare mechanical and electrical start-up team schedules and perform updates according to project completion
- Supervise and coordinate the tests and start up of the mechanical and electrical systems
- Prepare the user/owner training schedule
- Provide mechanical and electrical support and technical expertise to the Estimating department


Getting Started


• Contact Focus Commissioning Services Ltd. to discuss your project needs relating to Mechanical Electrical Coordination requirements.