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Customer Login - Collaborative Commissioning (Cx) Team Web Sites

Focus Commissioning Services Limited is committed to providing efficient services for all commissioning team members. With our Collaborative Commissioning (Cx) Team Web Sites, project commissioning requirements are well explained, schedules and commissioning tasks are clearly identified and tracked, documents are well maintained and can be draged and dropped directly from any computer conected to the internet and online thermal comfort surveys per LEED requirements can be generared.

Cx Team Site Example

email or call 613-875-1973 to sign in to your project Cx Team Website.


Example Collaborative (Cx) Team Web Site Sign in procedure:


1.     Review sign in procedure below and then click here to go to web site.



2.     Type in the Email:


3.     Hit the TAB key and type in the Password: website#1


4.     If you are redirected to another Sign in screen, go to step 6


5.     Click the Sign in






6.     If you were redirected to this screen after you hit TAB in step 3 above, type in the Email and password again and click Sign in.




The Collaborative (Cx) Team Web Site includes the following: